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We're a diverse non-profit community dedicated to exploring, developing and facilitating sustainable, high-quality mindfulness training in all types of workplaces.

We connect professionals and organisations who champion, commission and deliver workplace mindfulness training.

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  • 💬 The chance to be part of a unique, fast-growing network of like-minded mindfulness enthusiasts

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We also have corporate and concessionary membership options. If you would like to find out more about these please do get in touch with the Theresa, the Community Director: [email protected]

About the Mindful Workplace Community

This is the primary international forum for discussing workplace mindfulness.

We're a community of individuals and organisations exploring, developing, and promoting the sustainable application of mindfulness in the workplace. 

We're here to facilitate connection, peer support, inquiry and the sharing of best practice among those championing, commissioning and delivering workplace mindfulness training.

We're unaffiliated to any particular provider, instead offering a trusted and neutral meeting space.

We're also a real, live community with a vision of synergy. Our members learn from each other, support and inspire one another and share knowledge within a generative field that benefits everyone.

Where we started

The Mindful Workplace Community was originally a project of The Mindfulness Initiative, a pioneering policy institute that works with legislators around the world to help them make capacities of heart and mind serious considerations of public policy.

The community was launched in February 2020 at an event hosted by HSBC at its London headquarters and has since become the leading international, professional network for champions of workplace mindfulness.

In May 2022, the Mindful Workplace Community moved from the Mindfulness Initiative, to the British Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches (BAMBA).

BAMBA’s growth strategy includes the creation of community spaces where everyone with an interest in mindfulness can feel supported and share their common interests. The MWC is one such community.

Over the past year, we've heard from a wide range of fascinating speakers, including mindfulness thought leader Mark Leonard, author and executive coach Megan Reitz, and psychiatrist Dr Florian Ruths, and grown the community to almost 100 individual and corporate members.

Corporate members include:

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